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Songwriter's Guide To Guitar: Book I


Book Description:

For the beginning to intermediate levels, Songwriter's Guide To Guitar: Book I teaches advancing songwriters how to develop the essential tools needed to play your instrument. The more you know about guitar, the larger the palette for placing your songs. Learn the chords, scales and gain the critical technical facilities to navigate and compete in todays serious pop and folk music worlds.

Fail safe methods for quick learning and easy application brings the art and beauty of open-position chords to their highest levels. Inspiring chord progressions to get information into your hands and onto the street.

Cool and inspiring quotes from famous musicians and artists to keep you motivated at each chapter head.

Information is presented from a player’s and songwriter’s perspective with real world applications and explanations. Become a more knowledgeable, insightful and well informed songwriter and guitarist.

With a complete study of Book I, the songwriter will:
Learn basic concepts for mastering guitar
Learn all 8 chords for almost every pop/folk song written
Learn proper chord fingerings
Learn basic chord theory
Learn proper chord charting technique
Learn the notes on your instrument
Learn proper strumming technique
Learn proper picking technique
Learn to count in time

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