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Guitarist's Guide To Songwriting: Book II


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Book Description:

For the intermediate to advanced levels, Songwriters Guide To Guitar: Book II rounds out the advancing songwriters tool chest with the needed principles of guitar technique. This allows the songwriter to play and generate the cool songs, sounds and chord progressions needed to produce great songs in todays active market. Advanced scales, chords, theory and finger picking techniques are presented in a way which aids memorization and fosters mastery.

Fail safe methods for quick learning and easy application are continued in a way which develops a solid technical foundation and consistent practice routine.

Fun approaches to generating new song ideas, chord progressions and chordal sounds are introduced in a way which will fill out your personal song book and provide insightful creativity.

With a complete study of Volume 2, the student will:

Learn to be a better guitar songwriter
Learn to build sophisticated chord sounds
Learn advanced chord fingering technique
Learn advanced chord theory
Learn advanced finger picking technique
Learn moveable barre chord technique
Learn moveable triads
Learn moveable scales
Learn basic blues form and various blues styles
Learn advanced rhythm accompaniment styles

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