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Major Scales For Major Guitarists


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Book Description:

The major scale is basis for all movement and study on the guitar. As guitar is such a pattern driven instrument, scales are integral to navigating the fingerboard for location of notes, chords, sight reading, chord scale relationships and improvisation. The fingerboard on guitar
is the most difficult to learn. Scales are the most important area of study for any kind of technical and theoretical advancement on guitar as well as any future study of chord scale relations and improvisation.

For intermediate to advanced guitarists, this book introduces the student to a traditional approach which combines Classical Violin with Classical North Indian and Contemporary Guitar and diatonic harmony in a manner which promotes physical memorization and mental awareness.

The focus of Major Scales For Major Players is on the Major scale as it applies to guitar. All other derivative scales can be located logically once the major scale patterns are in place. A complete set of major chord voicings found inside each scale fingering is given at the end of each chapter.

By the end of this study you will:
Develop strength, agility and confidence
Learn the the fingerboard
Learn the notes in relation to major chords
Learn sight reading
Learn to play in all 12 keys
Learn to arpeggiate major triads and major7 chords
Connect fingerings for two and three octave major scales
Learn the pentatonic major and minor scale patterns

With diligent, consistent practice, technique will be clean, sparkle and have a snap to it which will place all guitar and performance skills at a new level.

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